Zero Tolerance for Poachers

Amid political pressure from China, Indonesia has resumed its tough stance against illegal fishing that encroaches on its territory and depletes its maritime resources. Jakarta announced on Tuesday that it will sink another 30 foreign trawlers next month to prove its commitment to upholding the law across its vast waters, which constitute a major part of the archipelagic nation. The sinking policy comes as a consequence of stricter patrols by Indonesian authorities, especially in border areas. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said the Indonesian government was conveying…


5th International Coastal Tuna Business Forum 2016

Tuna is considered one of the most important food sources globally, providing an important source of protein for many people. Due to its health benefits and its use as many people’s sole source of protein, the international demand for tuna is rising. Due to this increased demand in responsibly sourced tuna, the industry is being presented with a number of big challenges for the future. In 2012, a new record was set for catches of tuna and t…


Coral reefs in Bulukumba threatened by sea temperature

The increase in sea temperature over the last two weeks has bleached the coral reef in waters around Bulukumba regency in South Sulawesi, threatening a massive reef decline.   “Currently, more than 50 percent of the coral located in Bulukumba waters have turned white,” said Nirwan Dessibali, team coordinator of the Marine Science Diving Club at the University of Hasanuddin ( MSDC Unhas ) Makassar in South Sulawesi. Nirwan sa…


Obama bans US imports of slave-produced goods

President Barack Obama signed a bill Wednesday that includes a provision banning US imports of fish caught by slaves in Southeast Asia, gold mined by children in Africa and garments sewn by abused women in Bangladesh, closing a loophole in an 85-year-old tariff law that has failed to keep products of forced and child labor out of America. An expose by The Associated Press last year found Thai companies ship seafood to the US that was caught and p…


Seven Malaysian Fishing Vessels Detained in Malacca Strait

Four Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry’s fisheries and marine resource surveillance unit patrol boats have detained seven Malaysian-flagged fishing vessels for allegedly trawling for fish in Indonesian territory, the Malacca Strait. All crew on the fishing vessels are alleged to be Indonesian citizens who had been illegally employed by Malaysian businessmen to fish without permits in Indonesian waters. The ministry’s fisheries a…

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