RI won't Spare Citizens in Fight Against Illegal Fishing

The Indonesian government’s efforts to eradicate illegal fishing oft turn into an uneasy duty when law enforcement personnel have to arrest fellow countrymen for helping foreign parties steal the country’s resources.The head of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry’s Maritime and Fisheries Resources Monitoring Task Force (PSDKP), Akhmadon, said he had learned that owners of foreign fishing vessels now preferred to employ I…


Realising Sustainability, Sea 0-4 Special Miles for Small Fishermen

The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) sets, policies related to the management of fisheries in waters 0-4 miles which is devoted to fishing by vessels under 10 GT, aims to achieve sustainability of fish resources in the sea waters of Indonesia.This is consistent with one of the pillars of the development of the CTF to support Indonesia as the world's maritime axis. This was conveyed by the Director General of fisheries, Narmoko Pras…


Analysis: Opportunities in Maritime and Fisheries Sectors

There is a lot of potential in the maritime and fisheries sectors in Indonesia. This potential spans the areas of capture fishery, aquaculture, marine resources, as well as the processing and marketing of such resources. There is currently a trend of rising fish consumption each year, in line with an increasing population. According to statistics from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, national fish consumption in 2014 amounted to 38 ki…


Toward Indonesian tuna fishing industry sustainability and international recognition

As the world’s largest archipelago nation, Indonesia is becoming one of the world’s most important tuna producers, an industry which has an important role in the nation’s economic growth, (FAO, 2014). Therefore, it is paramount that the Indonesian tuna fishing industry is supported so that it is well-managed, sustainable and has a good impact on the environment, business and is internationally recognized. Eco-label certification…


For the new administration, the path to prosperity is a watery one

WITH over 13,000 islands, Indonesia is by far the world’s biggest archipelagic state, a nation shaped as much by the seas around it as by its land. Yet the new president, Joko Widodo, believes Indonesians have “for too long turned our backs” on the water. In his inaugural speech in October the head of state, widely known as Jokowi, expressed a desire to “be as great in the oceans as our ancestors were in the past”. A…

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