Sea Cucumbers and Omega 3 Can Control LUPUS


Lupus is a disease that attacks a person's immune system changes, which is as yet unknown causes. In the body of a person's antibodies attack the source of the disease which functions will be included in the body. Uniquely lupus, antibodies formed in the body appears excessive. As a result, antibodies actually attack the cells of healthy tissues or organs occurs autoimmunity.

Initially, patients are often mistaken for lupus have skin disorders, such as redness around the nose and cheeks, red blotches on the face or arm, or suffer heat, prolonged fatigue, hair loss, joint swelling and ulcers. However, this disease not only affects the skin, but also can affect almost every organ in the body.

More Patients are Women / Women are Dominant

Number of patients with Lupus is not too much/low. According to data from the literature, in the United States found 14.6 to 50.8 cases per 100,000 people. In Indonesia, today there were approximately 50,000 people. While in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, of the 71 cases handled since the beginning of 1991 to the end of 1996, 1 ??out of 23 sufferers are male. Lupus disease is rarely known to the public.

Experts suspect the disease is associated with the hormone estrogen as Lupus often strikes women of childbearing. For example in the case of pregnant women who later abortion, impaired fetal development or stillborn baby. Pregnancy can worsen the symptoms of lupus, so it often found in patients with symptoms appear during pregnancy or after childbirth. This disease often affects women of childbearing age to the age of 50 years, but there are also men who experience it.

Similar symptoms of Lupus Arthritis

In addition to pain in all joints, the hand is often appeared to be lumps sometimes followed by fever and hand could not be moved and the body feels pain when touched. Symptoms mediocre, so it will not think it is a symptom of lupus. Symptoms of the disease are only in the form of fever, joint pain, weakness or fatigue, and low platelets. Many people with lupus who died was not detected correctly.

To avoid misdiagnosis, medical experts using a list of 11 criteria ARA (American Rheumatism Association) for the diagnosis of lupus, including discoid rash or white patches on the face, malar rash butterfly, inflammation of the lining of the lungs or heart, and kidney disorders, protein in urine exceed 500 mg / 24 hours. Other indications, non-erosive arthritis in two or more joints, blood disorders such as anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, photosensitivity (sensitivity to sunlight), and nervous system disorders seizures or anxiety disorders. Thrush in the mouth and throat, kelaian immunology (positive anti-ds DNA, anti-antibody positive or positive LE cells), anti-antibody positive or positive LE cells and levels of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) abnormal also be a sign of lupus attacks. If there are four symptoms of 11 parameters above, then the person diagnosed with lupus. Lupus disease symptoms appear in a long time and the time period of the symptoms to other symptoms can be intermittent one year.

The moon face

Lupus patients are generally advised to consume drugs containing steroids and metrotreksit for cancer. The goal is that lupus attacks do not spread to other organs. However, intakes of chemicals actually add to the misery. Steroids are chemicals pengeropos calcium bones and teeth that can cause broken teeth. In addition, the effects of steroids make the face more rounded known as moonface (moon face), dry skin, hair loss, backbone pains at any time, increased uric acid, and a sore stomach.

Sea cucumbers and Omega 3 Can Control Lupus

Trepang (sea cucumber) can control the joint lupus. Once consumed during the week, you will see the result, reduced pain, rheumatic pain is gone, the hair becomes thick, supple and smooth skin back. Results of laboratory tests for consumption gamat (sea cucumber) for one month, the value of a negative ANA, C3 as the activity of the antibody protein to normal ranges with the number 98 mg / dl, C4 increased to the figure of 20 mg / dl, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate 19 mm / h. Kidneys were examined to determine the side effects gamat consumption. Uretum value of 15 mg / dl, remained on the threshold of 13-43 mg / dl and creatinine 0.6 mg / dl, the normal range of 0.5 to 0.9 mg / dl.

According to Howard Benedikt, MS, DC, a nutritionist from Long Island University, USA, said vitamin E, omega-3 EPA and antioxidants gamat are influential group in the disposal of cytokines. The findings of Dr. Mittchell Kurk medical director of Laurence Biomedical Revitalization Center, New York, showed that gamat improve physical health for 70% of people with inflammatory or rheumatic joints, without side effects. Because gamat chondroprotective component of the cartilage repair by stimulating the metabolism anaboliskondrosit and inhibit catabolic reactions when inflammation.

So to be healthy, start now to increase the consumption of fish, including a variety of seafood that is a rich source of nutrients
(So to stay healthy, start consuming fish more, including a variety of seafood that is a rich source of nutrients)

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