Naturally diverse certainly become the trademark of Indonesia fisheries product. With 5,8 million km2 of seas area, Indonesia become the biggest Marine Mega Biodiversity in the world which have 8.500 fish species and more than 950 coral biota. It has complete commodities consist of big pelagic fish, small pelagic fish, coral fish, shrimp, lobster, squid and others that differ Indonesia among another countries.

Not only potentials in capture fisheries, the diversity of Indonesia fisheries products are also supported by potentials in aquaculture such as marine and freshwater aquaculture. Shrimp, tilapia, catfish, milkfish, pangasius, carp and others are always available in large quantities of year-around with excellent quality by implementing good aquaculture standard and practices.

The excellence of Indonesia fisheries products also reflected by its value added that are always available with various form and taste. Through hygienic process and standard processing with Indonesian special recipes and spices create unique, authentic, lovable taste and safe to consume.

Those remarks, makes Indonesia as one stop shop for best quality and great diversity of fisheries products in the world. Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to the seafood paradise should be …


Safe & Sustainable


Banding LogoIndonesia fishery products are excellent not only in diversity but also in quality and safety by always concerning the sustainability of fisheries resources aspects.

Implementation standards of fisheries resources sustainability have been done from upstream to downstream at capture fishing, fish handling on fishing vessel, transportation, aquaculture, processing and complying export requirements.

In certain areas of Indonesia, the sustainability practices have been done through heritance, traditional and indigenous ways. In Aceh, there is a system and tool to manage fisheries resources called Panglima Laut whether in Maluku, there is Sasi, a maintaining traditional practices on fishing moratorium.

Nationally, Indonesia had implemented Regulation Number 31/2014 amended into Regulation Number 45/2009 that organizes all fisheries aspects in Indonesia including fisheries resources sustainability. The implementations of the regulation are supported by some policies as more specific implementation rules including quality and safety, traceability and sustainability.

As addition, the real action of Indonesia to supports sustainability are issuing catch certificate to avoid IUU Fishing; becoming member of RFMOs (IOTC, CCSBT, WCPFC); facilitating private companies to fulfill eco  labelling-related market requirements; strengthening regional cooperation to support economic security and sustainable use of fisheries resources; pro-active in coping with IUU Fishing practices; and building platform to oceans campaign linking national, regional and global for food security and sustainability growth.

So, nothing to worried about safe and sustainability of Indonesia seafood, we guarantee with regulations and real actions to its secure.

Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to the most unique place should be …

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